About Us

Why Choose Us?

OurBrightLink.com is a family owned business dedicated to helping seniors remain in their homes for as
long as possible.

I developed the service to help me check-in on my father who had been living independently for many
years, and was proud of it! The problem was complex: Dad did not want to be bothered or to be a bother.
A Life Alert pendant was out of the question, and I would often forget to call. Dad soon saw that the
calls were not a nuisance. He also saw how they could be a critical alert in the event something did
happen. I was thrilled because I didn't have to worry about forgetting to call, but more importantly I
now had reassurance that I would be notified if there was ever a problem.

Fast forward two years. One morning I received a notification from the system that Dad did not answer
his phone (which was very odd.) I called 911. They sent Fire Rescue to his house and found him sitting in
his chair suffering from a stroke (from which he recovered)!

There are countless families around the country who are doing everything they can to balance health
and safety against the desire of their loved one to stay at home forever. Our customers tell us that
OurBrightLink.com has been the perfect tool to achieve this balance.

We feel so strongly that OurBrightlink.com will work for you, we want you to try it out for a four week,
no-obligation, no-cost trial
. If you don't think that it is one of most valuable tools available to help your
loved one maintain his or her independence, then you can cancel the service at any time. You have
nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Our Bright Link Founder

Mark T. Peterson