What Sets Us Apart?

Telephone Reassurance Calls

What Sets Us Apart?

Busy schedule or living out of town are two of the most common reasons why it is not always possible to check in on your loved ones. Another reason could be your loved one chose to age in place, live independently, and/or does not want to be a bother. Having said that, OurBrightLink.com was developed.

Out of all the reassurance calling system providers out there, why should you choose OurBrightLink.com? The answer is simple. OurBrightLink.com is easy to use, reliable, and even offers a FOUR WEEK FREE TRIAL! We have dedicated our time and effort in helping families keep their loved ones in their homes. We are a trusted, family owned business that faithfully calls your loved one and notify you right away if they did not answer the phone or did not respond accordingly.

To give further background about OurBrightLink.com, my father lived independently for many years and has been proud of it ever since. The problem has complexity to it as my father did not want to be bothered or to be a bother. I developed OurBrightLink.com to check-in on him. He realized as well that such reassurance calls were not a nuisance because it could be used as an alert system if a critical event did happen. One morning, I just received a notification that my dad did not answer his phone, which was odd. I called 911 right away after I received that notification. Fire Rescue was sent to his house and they found him sitting in his chair suffering from a stroke from which he recovered.

Without the reassurance calling system I developed, things could have turned out the other way around. I developed OurBrightLink.com to really bring peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be checked on everyday for as often as desired at an affordable price. Do not wait until until a critical event happens. Take action now and Choose the plan that is right for you. With us, you have complete flexibility and are never locked into a plan!