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Life Alert Is The Perfect Compliment For a Pendant Type Device

Having difficulty in checking in on your loved ones due to busy schedule or distance? Choosing the reassurance method that's right for you and your loved one can be difficult. There are so many options and considerations to keep in mind. For example, do you want to deal with hardware? Is the system easy to use? Does the system reinforce your loved one's sense of independence? What are the costs and is it easy to terminate the service agreement?

Old age is a sensitive stage where our loved ones need great care and attention. It is also the same stage that they have a strong desire to maintain their independence. Fortunately, there is now a reassurance calling system that is easy to use, does not undermine your loved ones sense of independence, and is cost effective.

You see, pendant based systems like Life Alert® provide your loved one with the ability to notify a call center in the event of an emergency requiring immediate assistance. They are an excellent "Reactive" tool. Everyone should have one. But their protection is solely dependent on your loved one's ability to "Press the Button." Consider the following:

  • What if your loved one is unable to "press the button" on their pendant in an emergency?
  • What if they aren't wearing it?
  • How long would your loved one be in need of help before someone just happened to stop in?
  • Many people feel they are not quite ready for a pendant type system because it is a sign that they are losing their independence.
  • It's difficult to terminate the contract. can be used as a complement to existing pendant type services, making sure your loved ones receive at least one daily "Proactive" call to ensure they are well or to remind them of daily medication needs or other important events. We can call your loved one up to four times a day and will notify you immediately if they don't answer our call or if they do answer but do not press 1. With and a pendant device your reassurance plan is now complete. gives you positive reassurance that your loved one is okay while reinforcing your loved one's sense of independence. has simplified the process when it comes to creating an account and calling schedule:

- Complete the form and click Register.

- You will immediately receive an email containing a link.

- Just click on the link to be taken to the Schedule Set up screen.

- Simply enter who the schedule is for, their phone number and Time Zone.

- Select when you want the calls to be made and what type of call it should be.

- Current options are:

  • Are you OK?
  • Do you Have Home Work?
  • Did you take your medications?
  • Is the room comfortable for you?
  • This is your Daily Reminder Call.
  • Is the room temperature OK?
  • Did you take your insulin today?
  • Are you wearing your pendant?


- Select what you want us to do if they don't answer the call.

- Select what we should do if they answer the call but do not press 1 or 3.

- Select if you would like to be notified immediately, or if you would like us to make another call in 1, 2, or 5 minutes before notifying you.

- Select if you want to be notified with a text message or a phone call.

- One week before your free trial is set to expire you will receive instructions for how to set up your Credit Card billing.

- If you wish you may complete your Credit Card billing info at any time before the expiration of the free trial.

You will receive an email containing an activation phone number, an activation code and instructions.


Worried about the cost? You don't have to worry. provides flexibility on prices, plans, and discounts. With, you are never locked into a plan. You even have the ability to create the calling schedule that is suitable to your needs. Add calls, remove calls, change the type of calls, or change the notification process as your needs change. Learn more about's reassurance calling system as the perfect complement to pendant type services that could help give you and your loved ones peace of mind. Try our four week trial for FREE!