Frequently Asked Questions

Senior Care Call Service

An increasing number of seniors in recent years have chosen to age in place and live independently because they value their space and have a strong desire to maintain their independence.

Reassurance Calls Pricing

Staying in your own home as you get older, also known as aging in place, is ideal for many elderly. Aging in place allows them to remain independent and prolong their life style.


How does telephone reassurance program help prevent dementia or help seniors with dementia? Dementia is used to describe symptoms that vastly affects memory, daily performance, and communication abilities.

Daily Check

Do you have a loved one who does not want to be a burden and wants to live independently as long as possible? With life and work to balance, it is just hard to find the time to always check in on your loved ones.

Aging in Place

Throughout the years, more and more programs are being created to address the growing demand from a movement called "Aging in Place."

Telephone Reassurance Calls

Busy schedule or living out of town are two of the most common reasons why it is not always possible to check in on your loved ones.

Life Alert

Old age is a sensitive stage where our loved ones need great care and attention. It is also the same stage that they have a strong desire to maintain their independence.