Senior Care

Senior Care Call Service

What is a Senior Care Call and How It Works

An increasing number of seniors in recent years have chosen to age in place and live independently because they value their space and have a strong desire to maintain their independence. However, as family members, we cannot help but worry about our loved ones since old age is a sensitive stage where elderly people need great care and attention. Our keen desire is to ensure that they have everything that they need and that they have the best care as possible, but with a busy lifestyle, it makes it impossible to provide the kind of assistance that they truly need.

Presently, there are multiple senior care services and programs established to aid with providing security and assurance that our loved ones are safe and that everything is okay without them feeling like they lost their independence, dignity, or control. A senior care call is one of those services. A senior care call provides daily checkup calls to check their well-being and assure that they are okay. is a family owned business that is committed to helping seniors remain in their homes for as long as possible by providing the best senior care call system available. Mark Peterson, owner of, developed the service to help him check-in on his father who chose to live independently for years because he did not want to be bothered or to be a bother. How does it work? simplifies your life and gives you piece of mind by calling your loved one for you. Once you have created an account, the automated system will call your loved up to four times a day, for as many as seven days a week. In just a few simple steps you can schedule the call times and days, the type of call needed, and notification process (For instance, you will receive a text message or phone call if your loved one does not answer the call or answered the call but did not respond by pressing one (1). If your loved one pressed 3, we will connect with you promptly.)